Travel Tuesdays 21: Constanta 

I went on a lovely little holiday this weekend to Mamaia, a seaside resort on the Black Sea near to Constanta. We had a few days off school because of some bank holidays -yay! Of course, all of Romania had those days off work, so the train was pretty full! But all the passengers seemed to disperse quite well because, although the seaside resort of Mamaia was busy, it wasn’t anywhere near as crowded as it is in the summer holidays! Many Romanians think it’s too cold to swim in the sea at the moment, and yes, the sea was chilly, but not that cold! So, I had a lovely few days relaxing on the beach, swimming in the chilly sea and wandering around. Plus, I enjoyed the sea breeze – Bucharest is so hot and humid these days, but the coast is nice and cool!  

My hotel was about 2km away from the main area of Mamaia where all the tourist shops, snack stands and restaurants are located, so I wandered along the beach or promenade every day to enjoy the atmosphere and eat pancakes… I also went on the cable car, to enjoy the lovely views of the sea and lake. Oh, and on the pier to admire the sunset!

It was a little strange going on holiday to the beach alone… waiters kept asking me, “are you waiting for your friends?” when I asked for a table for one, and I overheard groups of people looking at me and saying, “why would you go on holiday alone?”

Well, if my Romanian was better, I could have told them that it’s nice to go on holiday, to see and experience new things and enjoy a change of scenery every once in a while (plus I love the seaside!) And if your friends don’t/ can’t come with you, then it’s better to go alone than to not go at all!  Who agrees? 

The beach near my hotel.

All the tourist shops are squished into this area of Mamaia. 

The sunsets were lovely! This photo was taken from the pier, I didn’t need to swim with my camera to take this photo!

Travel Tuesdays 20: Skiathos 

I was thinking where to “visit” for a travel Tuesdays post, and my mind wandered to a lovely holiday I had with my family to Skiathos, a beautiful little Greek island. We went when I was about 8 – a long, long time ago! I wonder if the island has changed much since then? Of course, my memories of my holiday were of playing on the beach, poking jellyfish with sticks so that they wouldn’t sting us, burying dolls in the sand with my sister (and not being able to find one of them again) and trying to swim to China on a lilo with some other children we befriended… I do still wonder where that doll is! Perhaps someone else found her?

We also went on a trip to see some monasteries, where we had to ride donkeys up a steep hill and my dad’s donkey didn’t want to follow the others and kept wandering off into bushes (with my dad on it!) We stayed in a nice little self-catering holiday apartment, so had to go shopping for food in the Greek supermarket, which I remember being very different from our English ones! Actually, I think I just remember the toy selection more than anything… 

We also went on some fun boat trips and coach tours, where I distinctly remember one lady stealing my sister’s seat! Who would steal a child’s seat on a bus? I still think that was weird! I also remember watching lightning out of the coach windows one evening, after a busy day’s coach trip.

I hope you enjoyed reading my happy childhood memories!

PS, this isn’t my photo, I just borrowed one from google. 😀

Tea Tales 5: Oh dear!

It’s been a while since I did a blog post…

I was thinking about what to write, and decided to post this photo of my tea collection. I did have 15 or 16 boxes at one point, but then decided that I’d better finish some before buying more.

Now I’m left with what I consider to be a critically low supply of tea! Well, my main concern is a lack of black tea, but I looked in my nearest supermarket on the way home from work today for more black tea and I only saw other fruity flavours! What a disaster! I shall have to go to another one tomorrow. (Luckily I have 3 supermarkets very near to my house, so I have a few more to try before having to get a bus to a large supermarket further afield!) 

Travel Tuesdays 18: Saltaire 

I know, it’s not Tuesday… but today I want to tell you all about my little outing to a place called Saltaire in Yorkshire. It’s a mill and village built by Sir Titus Salt in 1852 to 1859. He wanted to move his workers out of the unhealthy slums of Bradford, to a place with clean air and better facilities. The mill isn’t used anymore (it’s an art gallery and shop now) but people still live in the lovely cottages. There are lots of interesting buildings to look around and plenty of trees and flowers too.

Edit: Here’s an example of the exhibit in the art gallery in the old mill. It’s a project called “The Arrival of Spring” by David Hockney. He made these pictures by drawing on his iPhone and iPad. So clever!

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Dustin the Roaming Counselor for the Blogger Recognition Award! It’s lovely to be nominated for an award, and it’s especially meaningful this week as it’s my WordPress anniversary! My little blog is one year old!

So, on to the tasks that Dustin has set for me:


1) Thank the nominator and give a link to their blog(s)

2) Tell everyone a short bit on why you started your website

3) Give two small pieces of advice for other bloggers

4) Nominate a maximum of 15 bloggers and let them know about your nomination

I started my blog one year ago to post stories and poems that I wrote. Over the year I’ve had fun posting photos, short stories, travel tales, thoughts and other things. I’ve enjoyed visiting other blogs and getting lovely comments from my readers!

My advice to other bloggers would be to enjoy the blogging process -have fun with your posts and enjoy visiting other people’s pages, whether you manage to do that for three hours a day, or only check WordPress once a week! 

I’m not actually sure who to nominate for the award. There are so many blogs that I like looking at, and so many lovely people who like and comment on my posts, so I guess I nominate you guys!