Black and white photo challenge

This is my attempt at following Cee’s rules on texture and contrast when changing photos into black and white. All of these photos were taken in colour and edited using Lightroom. ūüėÄ

the corn building, Zhengzhou

delicious cakes



Aimlessly wandering from place to place. 

Where am I going? What am I doing? What am I looking for? 

Not knowing the answer to these questions matters not to me. 

As long as the journey continues to be interesting, fun and free! 

When troubles come, I hold onto hope that they will soon pass. 

And continue roaming through life aimlessly, because staying still just isn’t for me!


The Daily post’s weekly photo challenge is Curve. I was thinking for a while about this topic, as so many of the sights around me seem to be very much rectangular… Then I found these buildings in the new area of Zhengzhou (China) which are very much “not square”.

the curved glass structures of this building remind me of wings

so many different building shapes!