Leaving China 

So, after two years of living in China, the time has come to return home (to Bramhall, England) and find a new adventure…

Two years worth of stuff got squashed into these few cases…

Two of my students bought me some snacks for the planes! 😂😂 I still havent finished them…

The queues for check in at Beijing airport were ridiculously long! It took over an hour to check in, then another hour or so for passport control and the security checks. I found the process so long and tedious, that I have decided to make Beijing airport my new Worst Airport in the World! My previous least favourite airport was Paris Charles de Gaulle, because it takes so long to travel in between terminals and I always miss my connecting flights there!

I had three flights from Zhengzhou to Manchester… Two were with Qatar airways, which was quite a pleasant experience, even though they did charge an astronomical amount of money for my excess luggage! 😭 

I found the football-themed safety procedures video really funny! Much better than the usual ones… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS2CQQfQzEM 

I was so excited when I boarded plane number two and discovered that I had no one in front of me -which meant I had extra leg room for eight hours! Wonderful! 

We saw a beautiful sunrise from the plane! Unfortunately I wasn’t seated by a window, so this is the view from one of the emergency exit windows. 😀

I was even greeted by some blue sky when I returned home (although it didn’t last for long… Good old English summer!)

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