Only in France…

I’ve been meaning to share a funny story from my travels in France:

We went to a lovely bakery in Nice one morning to pick up breakfast. We ordered our food and coffees in French and the lady serving us replied in English. 

The next day, we returned to the bakery (as it was so delicious), to find two American ladies ahead of us in quite a long queue. One American woman said to the same shopkeeper “Parlez anglais?” and the woman flatly replied “Non.” The American lady then spoke in a very loud voice and used lots of exaggerated gestures to demonstrate what she wanted… 

I laughed so much, because I knew that the shopkeeper did speak English! It was evident that she was just annoyed at the tourists’ lack of effort to speak French. So it just goes to show, when on holiday in France, you should at least try to speak in French, no matter how bad your French might be! 😂😂

One thought on “Only in France…

  1. Ahaha such a fun time story! I must agree with you! It is always nice for the locals to see if a torpurist struggles to speak the local language. I always try to do that and people always welcomed me with a big smile 😃

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