Sightseeing in Bucharest

The last time I was in Romania was around 3 and a half years ago, so I’ve really been appreciating the wonderful sights of Bucharest -especially on this lovely, sunny day after work!

Not much has changed since I left, there are a few new shopping malls, and less stray dogs, but that’s about all… The city still has the same quaint charm for me, it’s a friendly sort of place, and I find the contrasts between the building styles interesting. There are many run-down, dilapidated areas, next to traditional Romanian buildings, communist style tower blocks and shiny new malls.

The city’s roads are crammed full of noisy buses and cars, and Bucharest is full of high-rise buildings -so the city’s numerous parks provide plenty of opportunity for relaxation for the residents. 

I want to visit the village museum next to see some traditional houses -how Romanians used to live, before coming to the big, bustling city! 


This week’s Word Press challenge is Quest. For some reason, this conjures up images of hobbits, elves and dwarves trekking over mountains with dramatic music playing in the background… With this in mind, here is a picture from my “quest” last weekend to the mountainous town of Busteni.