On this day… 9th September 

Here are some interesting events that happened on 9th September over the years. 😀

1543: Mary Queen of Scots is crowned at 9 months old… That’s a lot of nines! And how was a baby expected to rule a country?

1776 Congress officially renames the country as the United States of America (Was the United Colonies) 

1892 E E Barnard at Lick discovers Amalthea, 5th Jupiter moon

1908: let’s fly a plane!

1945 1st “bug” in a computer program discovered by Grace Hopper, a moth was removed with tweasers from a relay & taped into the log (photo is of Grace and her computer, unfortunately you can’t see the bug)

1983: This is a very important date because I was born! 😀 (happy birthday to me!)

(The photo is of me with my mum, grandma and grandad. I am the tiny one.)

1999: Lauryn Hill and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air win some music awards. (Note that the date here is 9/9/1999. I remember finding this date great fun to write on all of my schoolwork that day!) 

2001: these two playing each other in a tennis final as usual… (Don’t know who chose this photo of Serena, but it looks a bit scary to me!)

2015: well done Queenie 😀

These are just some of the interesting things that happened on 9th September over the years. You can find many more fun historical facts on this website: http://www.onthisday.com/events/september/9

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