Travel Tuesdays 4: America and Canada 

For today’s trip down travel memory lane, I decided to go to my two week trip to Canada and the USA in June 2013. 

My friend and I squeezed a lot into that trip, and had a wonderful time!

We started off by flying to Toronto and heading straight over to Niagara Falls. I loved it there! 

Then we got a train to New York -that took a long long time! (Around 12 hours, I think… although I can’t quite remember now!) It was wonderful visiting the Big Apple and seeing all of the famous sights, so now, whenever I watch movies set in New York I can say, “I’ve been there!”

After a few days in New York, we got a train to Washington DC. This train only took three or four hours -as opposed to our previous one.. Again, much fun was had looking around more famous sights.

Our next stop was LA. We travelled there by plane -America is a big place, it took a whole 5 hours to fly there!

In LA we enjoyed some time at the beach and looking around Hollywood, before getting a bus to Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas was great fun, we didn’t do any gambling…  but did have fun walking along the Strip, watching various shows and displays. We also took the chance to visit the Grand Canyon, as it’s quite near to Vegas. What stunning scenery!

Our hotel in Las Vegas looked like a fairytale castle…

So, as you can see, we squeezed quite a lot into two weeks! But what a wonderful two weeks we had! I’d quite like to go to America again someday, to revisit some places and see a few more… 

Travel Tuesdays 3: Cape Town

For this Travel Tuesdays post, I decided to take a trip down memory lane to my holiday in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2014. I went for a friend’s wedding and stayed with some lovely friends, so I definitely have fond memories of the place -even though May isn’t the best time weather-wise (it rained quite a bit.)

I did some fun touristy things, like going wine tasting in some of the beautiful vineyards…

Visiting Cape Point, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet…

Going up Table Mountain in a rotating cable car -there’s a wonderful view up there!

And hanging out at the V & A Waterfront, where you get a nice postcard image of Table Mountain.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend a trip to Cape Town! 😀 It’s a beautiful place and the people are friendly.  

Travel Tuesdays 2: Sibiu and Sighisoara 

It’s already Tuesday! Time for my second Travel Tuesdays post. It seems only right that this one should be about my recent trip to Sighisoara and Sibiu. Both are beautiful medieval towns, situated in the Transylvania region.

Sighisoara is a really small town on a hill, it’s surrounded by a wall, which is still intact. (In other towns, the wall has disappeared in places.) The town has plenty of charm, and it really felt like I went back in time when I was there! The snow just added to the town’s appeal.

Sighisoara clock tower

Sibiu is bigger, but still full of beautiful old buildings. Plus, it has a magical Christmas market! Going there really was a special experience for me. (But it was a bit crowded!)

Sibiu Christmas market

Sibiu Christmas market