Travel Tuesdays ÔĽŅ16: Italia

My friend Laura and I always seem to go on crazy holidays involving multiple locations…  

In July 2014 we went on a lovely holiday in Italy, where we travelled to Pisa, Florence, Sienna, Rome, Amalfi and Pompeii all in two weeks! 

We had a wonderful time sightseeing and here are a few of my favourite photos from the trip. Here I am with the leaning tower of Pisa, I was amused at just how slanted it really is!

Next is a photo of the beautiful cathedral in Florence. Many hours were spent exploring this beautiful building, climbing the tower to see the view, and soaking up the Italian atmosphere on the cathedral’s piazza in the evenings. 

Now we look at a photo of the Colosseum in Rome. This is also a very interesting building, where we wandered around and learned more about the gladiator battles. (I think I may have lost my friend here, that often happens on holiday, we loose each other in the crowds, wander around and somehow find each other again an hour or so later…)

My final photo is from the beautiful Amalfi coast. I felt like I was in some kind of dream while there, it was so beautiful and everywhere had a faint smell of lemons -perhaps I should move there to be a lemon farmer? It is such a pretty place!

Tea Tales 3: The proper way to enjoy tea

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy black tea is with milk! This English breakfast tea from Marks and Spencer’s is delicious when served in this way. Not many countries like to put milk with tea, but I’m from England where everyone does such things. ūüėä

Note: You could also add sugar if you like. And I wouldn’t recommend adding milk to green tea or fruit tea! 

Teaching Tales 2: It’s -not quite so- easy being green!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to grow bean plants with my class. Well, of course my teaching assistant’s plant has grown more than anyone else’s! It looks like being green is easy for her, although it’s been a bit more difficult for the kids and me! We wonder if she used magic beans?

For the weekly post challenge It’s easy being green.

Teaching Tales: Emotions and fears

As you know, I already write posts about Travel tales and Tea Tales, so today I decided to begin a series of “teaching tales” where I will try to think of interesting anecdotes from my time as a teacher. I think I have written about teaching in my blog before, so it’s really just a continuation of that kind of thing. 

This first post is about the topic about emotions that I’m doing with my class (of four year olds.) We talked about things that make us feel happy, sad, angry, afraid and so on. Mostly their answers were quite cute, for example “I feel happy when we play outside,” or “I feel sad when my balloon pops.” Many said, “I feel happy when my mummy and daddy give me toys,” -the poor mums and dads of these kids must need to do a lot of shopping!

When talking about what makes us scared, some of the children’s answers became quite imaginative, involving dark, locked rooms and spiders. Who wouldn’t be afraid of those things? And look how atmospheric this picture is!

Travel Tuesdays 15: Transported into Spring 

This week’s Travel Tuesdays post is unusual in several respects… I’m writing it a day late and it’s not about my travels, but after a really rainy week last week, this week it feels almost as if I’ve been transported into a magical wonderland, filled with warm sunshine and spring blossoms!

Buds appearing on a magnolia tree next to my school

Blossoms on a tree in the park

Saint Patrick’s Day in Bucharest¬†

I know, it was Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th March… but today there was a special Saint Patrick’s day concert in a park in Bucharest with music and Irish dancing. Happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day! ūüėÄ

Please follow these links to watch my videos from the day.

Travel Tuesdays 14: Norway 

This post is about a trip to Norway I had in May 2007 -wow, that was a long time ago!

I went with a group of people from my church in Durham and we had a week of doing community projects, like painting houses, clearing gardens and BBQs! We also had some time to sightsee around Bergen and we even got to watch the Norway Day parade, which takes place on 17th May.


View of Bergen

Traditional clothes worn for Norway Day

Norway Day parade

Norway is such a lovely country. I really enjoyed my time there. Hurrah Norge!

Tea Tales 2: Lemon, ginger and black tea concoction 

I always carry a flask of tea with me to work… and I usually use some kind of flavoured black tea, as I find plain black tea too boring without milk. (I think milk would make my flask too stinky, so I just save tea with milk drinking for home.)

Today I made my own tea concoction: I threw a bag of plain black tea and a bag of lemon and ginger tea into my flask. I find it makes a lovely mix. Warm, firery ginger, sweetness from the lemon and the nice little caffeine kick from the black tea -perfect to sip and enjoy during a busy day!