Travel Tuesdays 13: A trip to Rasnov 

This weekend, I went on on a church trip to Rasnov, another town in Transylvania. We did some lovely things there, like going on a walk to this canyon:

(See me, looking somewhat lost in the canyon!) 

The road taken to Rasnov has plenty of stunning scenery, like this mountain:

And this fortress:

I love trips to the mountains! 

Martisor, 1st March, the first day of Spring!

Today is Martisor in Romania, which is the first day of spring here. We had lovely spring weather today (sunny and warm) and I really hope this weather stays like this now… All the snow has melted and I hope it won’t come back again until next winter! 

On 1st March, it is traditional to give little trinkets, bracelets, brooches and so on to your female friends (men don’t get any, sorry men!) Here is a photo of me, enjoying all of my little Martisor gifts! People don’t usually wear all of their gifts like this, but I thought it was more fun to wear them all at once. 😊