Travel Tuesdays 20: Skiathos 

I was thinking where to “visit” for a travel Tuesdays post, and my mind wandered to a lovely holiday I had with my family to Skiathos, a beautiful little Greek island. We went when I was about 8 – a long, long time ago! I wonder if the island has changed much since then? Of course, my memories of my holiday were of playing on the beach, poking jellyfish with sticks so that they wouldn’t sting us, burying dolls in the sand with my sister (and not being able to find one of them again) and trying to swim to China on a lilo with some other children we befriended… I do still wonder where that doll is! Perhaps someone else found her?

We also went on a trip to see some monasteries, where we had to ride donkeys up a steep hill and my dad’s donkey didn’t want to follow the others and kept wandering off into bushes (with my dad on it!) We stayed in a nice little self-catering holiday apartment, so had to go shopping for food in the Greek supermarket, which I remember being very different from our English ones! Actually, I think I just remember the toy selection more than anything… 

We also went on some fun boat trips and coach tours, where I distinctly remember one lady stealing my sister’s seat! Who would steal a child’s seat on a bus? I still think that was weird! I also remember watching lightning out of the coach windows one evening, after a busy day’s coach trip.

I hope you enjoyed reading my happy childhood memories!

PS, this isn’t my photo, I just borrowed one from google. 😀

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