Teaching Tales 2: It’s -not quite so- easy being green!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to grow bean plants with my class. Well, of course my teaching assistant’s plant has grown more than anyone else’s! It looks like being green is easy for her, although it’s been a bit more difficult for the kids and me! We wonder if she used magic beans?

For the weekly post challenge It’s easy being green.

Teaching Tales: Emotions and fears

As you know, I already write posts about Travel tales and Tea Tales, so today I decided to begin a series of “teaching tales” where I will try to think of interesting anecdotes from my time as a teacher. I think I have written about teaching in my blog before, so it’s really just a continuation of that kind of thing. 

This first post is about the topic about emotions that I’m doing with my class (of four year olds.) We talked about things that make us feel happy, sad, angry, afraid and so on. Mostly their answers were quite cute, for example “I feel happy when we play outside,” or “I feel sad when my balloon pops.” Many said, “I feel happy when my mummy and daddy give me toys,” -the poor mums and dads of these kids must need to do a lot of shopping!

When talking about what makes us scared, some of the children’s answers became quite imaginative, involving dark, locked rooms and spiders. Who wouldn’t be afraid of those things? And look how atmospheric this picture is!