Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Dustin the Roaming Counselor for the Blogger Recognition Award! It’s lovely to be nominated for an award, and it’s especially meaningful this week as it’s my WordPress anniversary! My little blog is one year old!

So, on to the tasks that Dustin has set for me:


1) Thank the nominator and give a link to their blog(s)

2) Tell everyone a short bit on why you started your website

3) Give two small pieces of advice for other bloggers

4) Nominate a maximum of 15 bloggers and let them know about your nomination

I started my blog one year ago to post stories and poems that I wrote. Over the year I’ve had fun posting photos, short stories, travel tales, thoughts and other things. I’ve enjoyed visiting other blogs and getting lovely comments from my readers!

My advice to other bloggers would be to enjoy the blogging process -have fun with your posts and enjoy visiting other people’s pages, whether you manage to do that for three hours a day, or only check WordPress once a week! 

I’m not actually sure who to nominate for the award. There are so many blogs that I like looking at, and so many lovely people who like and comment on my posts, so I guess I nominate you guys!

Saint Patrick’s Day in Bucharest¬†

I know, it was Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th March… but today there was a special Saint Patrick’s day concert in a park in Bucharest with music and Irish dancing. Happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day! ūüėÄ

Please follow these links to watch my videos from the day.


As a Reception/ Kindergarten teacher, I quickly discovered that glitter is my students’ most favourite thing ever! (Well, except for playdough of course…)

Three phrases you will often hear in my class are: 

1) an excited, “Can we use glitter?” from the kids. They must ask this in every craft activity.

2) A resigned, “Let’s just let them use glitter,” from myself and my teaching assistant.

3) A frantic cry of, “No, not that much! Oh no, now it’s everywhere!” again from the teachers…

Isn’t glitter fun? ūüėÄ 

Glitter-tastic butterflies!