Teaching Tales 2: It’s -not quite so- easy being green!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to grow bean plants with my class. Well, of course my teaching assistant’s plant has grown more than anyone else’s! It looks like being green is easy for her, although it’s been a bit more difficult for the kids and me! We wonder if she used magic beans?

For the weekly post challenge It’s easy being green.

Travel Tuesdays 13: A trip to Rasnov 

This weekend, I went on on a church trip to Rasnov, another town in Transylvania. We did some lovely things there, like going on a walk to this canyon:

(See me, looking somewhat lost in the canyon!) 

The road taken to Rasnov has plenty of stunning scenery, like this mountain:

And this fortress:

I love trips to the mountains! 


As a Reception/ Kindergarten teacher, I quickly discovered that glitter is my students’ most favourite thing ever! (Well, except for playdough of course…)

Three phrases you will often hear in my class are: 

1) an excited, “Can we use glitter?” from the kids. They must ask this in every craft activity.

2) A resigned, “Let’s just let them use glitter,” from myself and my teaching assistant.

3) A frantic cry of, “No, not that much! Oh no, now it’s everywhere!” again from the teachers…

Isn’t glitter fun? 😀 

Glitter-tastic butterflies! 

It’s not this time of year without…

This week’s daily post photo challenge is lovely! At the moment, Bucharest looks pretty grey…

So, It’s not this time of year without my fluffy coat:

Yummy hot drinks…

Vin fiert -mulled wine:

Christmas lights! I love love love them!!! 

Beginning to decorate…

And turkey!

Hope you enjoy these photos. A new post will come along soon, when the Christmas lights get switched on around the city!