Travel Tuesdays 8: Tanzania 

I lived in Tanzania from 2009 to 2011, where I taught at a lovely school in Arusha.

My school!

During my years there I went on a lot of safaris…

Visited the beautiful island of Zanzibar a lot…

And had fun wandering around my town, looking at the interesting sights…

A wedding parade

Kids from the nearby village

Some houses near my school

While life in Tanzania definitely had it’s ups and downs, I have such happy memories from my years there!

Travel Tuesdays 2: Sibiu and Sighisoara 

It’s already Tuesday! Time for my second Travel Tuesdays post. It seems only right that this one should be about my recent trip to Sighisoara and Sibiu. Both are beautiful medieval towns, situated in the Transylvania region.

Sighisoara is a really small town on a hill, it’s surrounded by a wall, which is still intact. (In other towns, the wall has disappeared in places.) The town has plenty of charm, and it really felt like I went back in time when I was there! The snow just added to the town’s appeal.

Sighisoara clock tower

Sibiu is bigger, but still full of beautiful old buildings. Plus, it has a magical Christmas market! Going there really was a special experience for me. (But it was a bit crowded!)

Sibiu Christmas market

Sibiu Christmas market

Hot and Cold -Black and White photo challenge 

It’s been a while since I’ve played along with one of Cee’s photo challenges. The theme for the Black and white photo challenge this week is Hot and Cold.

Here in Transylvania, it’s very cold and snowy right now…  but in this photo you can see a whisp of smoke from the chimney, so you know it’ll be nice and warm in this old house.

I also happen to think that this photo in black and white looks just like a scene from an old movie! Hope you like it. 😀

House in Sighisoara

It’s not this time of year without…

This week’s daily post photo challenge is lovely! At the moment, Bucharest looks pretty grey…

So, It’s not this time of year without my fluffy coat:

Yummy hot drinks…

Vin fiert -mulled wine:

Christmas lights! I love love love them!!! 

Beginning to decorate…

And turkey!

Hope you enjoy these photos. A new post will come along soon, when the Christmas lights get switched on around the city!