Post-Election Ponderings

I’ve been a little busy since the American election results were declared, and as such, haven’t really had a chance to think about things properly, in order to try and make sense of what happened. I was thoroughly shocked when I woke up on Wednesday morning and checked the news to find that the man who I had previously considered to be some kind of “joke candidate” had almost won the race for presidency. Then, of course, Trump was declared the President elect of the USA, and many people, including myself were filled with dread about what that could mean for America, and indeed the rest of the world, with such a divisive man in the White House.

Many people have spoken and written so eloquently about Trump’s win in recent days, with the hopeful message that he will not lead America with the same racist, misogynistic and generally intolerant values that have dominated his campaign… and I in turn, echo that hope. 
I have been interested to look at exit polls, to see who actually voted for this man, and was particularly surprised to see that such a large number of “charismatic christians” voted for Trump (although, I truthfully am not entirely sure what that term means.) I wondered how followers of Jesus were seemingly able to overlook Trump’s exceedingly divisive comments, actions and policies – presumably it was in the hope that he would bring about, what they see as a much-needed change in America. Unless, they actually agreed with his intolerant stance on Mexicans, gay people, women and so on…! That idea is so shocking to me that it led me to actually question my own faith, where, I decided that the God that I believe in must be very different to the God that the “evangelical christians” of the exit polls follow. I believe in a God that accepts and loves people of all races, colours, creeds, ages, genders, sexualities and so on – and that as believers, we should too (and vote accordingly!) I know that many people around the world share this view – that we should reach out to all members of our society, even if they are different from ourselves, whether we agree with their beliefs or practices or not, because it is our duty to love others, not to ostracise, condemn or build walls between us and them.
I know, I’ve over-simplified the issues, but I just wanted to write a few thoughts. My interest into how christians voted is because I’m a christian (from the UK) that certainly would not have voted for Trump based on the election campaign that he led…

Today’s news

I don’t usually blog about the news or politics, but today’s news has been so eventful… So here it goes!

Andrea Leadsom stepped down from the Tory leadership contest, meaning Theresa May will be crowned as Tory leader and Prime Minister soon…  David Cameron hummed merrily to himself after an interview outside Downing Street – perhaps it was the first few notes of The Great Escape theme tune?

Meanwhile, Angela Eagle officially began her campaign to challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. I liked her speech, “I’m not a Blairite, I’m not a Brownite, I’m not a Corbynista. I am my own woman.” Somehow, it reminded me of the song I’m every woman by Chaka Khan. Who’d be a politician eh? British politics seems to be a bit chaotic after Brexit, hopefully it’ll settle down soon, and they’ll all stop stabbing each other in the back.

And as for the news from America of protests, shootings and violence… There seems to be so much pain, hurt and anger, all I can do from here is to hope and pray that the situation there will improve soon for everyone, regardless of race, colour, social background or job. I just hope the American people won’t elect that orange chap to be the new President in October, I can’t see him helping the situation. And I’m sure Theresa and Hilary would work well together… ūüėÉ 

I was also struck by the news today of a young man being killed by an 18 year old driving at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone.  The car was torn in half by the impact. Of all the crazy driving I saw in China, thankfully none was as bad as this…