Travel Tuesdays 21: Constanta 

I went on a lovely little holiday this weekend to Mamaia, a seaside resort on the Black Sea near to Constanta. We had a few days off school because of some bank holidays -yay! Of course, all of Romania had those days off work, so the train was pretty full! But all the passengers seemed to disperse quite well because, although the seaside resort of Mamaia was busy, it wasn’t anywhere near as crowded as it is in the summer holidays! Many Romanians think it’s too cold to swim in the sea at the moment, and yes, the sea was chilly, but not that cold! So, I had a lovely few days relaxing on the beach, swimming in the chilly sea and wandering around. Plus, I enjoyed the sea breeze – Bucharest is so hot and humid these days, but the coast is nice and cool!  

My hotel was about 2km away from the main area of Mamaia where all the tourist shops, snack stands and restaurants are located, so I wandered along the beach or promenade every day to enjoy the atmosphere and eat pancakes… I also went on the cable car, to enjoy the lovely views of the sea and lake. Oh, and on the pier to admire the sunset!

It was a little strange going on holiday to the beach alone… waiters kept asking me, “are you waiting for your friends?” when I asked for a table for one, and I overheard groups of people looking at me and saying, “why would you go on holiday alone?”

Well, if my Romanian was better, I could have told them that it’s nice to go on holiday, to see and experience new things and enjoy a change of scenery every once in a while (plus I love the seaside!) And if your friends don’t/ can’t come with you, then it’s better to go alone than to not go at all!  Who agrees? 

The beach near my hotel.

All the tourist shops are squished into this area of Mamaia. 

The sunsets were lovely! This photo was taken from the pier, I didn’t need to swim with my camera to take this photo!

Saint Patrick’s Day in Bucharest 

I know, it was Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th March… but today there was a special Saint Patrick’s day concert in a park in Bucharest with music and Irish dancing. Happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day! 😀

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Martisor, 1st March, the first day of Spring!

Today is Martisor in Romania, which is the first day of spring here. We had lovely spring weather today (sunny and warm) and I really hope this weather stays like this now… All the snow has melted and I hope it won’t come back again until next winter! 

On 1st March, it is traditional to give little trinkets, bracelets, brooches and so on to your female friends (men don’t get any, sorry men!) Here is a photo of me, enjoying all of my little Martisor gifts! People don’t usually wear all of their gifts like this, but I thought it was more fun to wear them all at once. 😊

Travel Tuesdays 9: Brasov

I seem to go on quite a lot of little trips to Brasov… It’s not so far away from Bucharest and a it’s great place to go for a change of scenery!

Here are some photos from my trip there this weekend.

View of the old town

View of the mountain

View from the top of the mountain

The weather was good -sunny and a warm 8 degrees C, so we were able to sit outside enjoying the sunshine! We had blue skies and beautiful views of the town and surrounding mountains. It was a thoroughly lovely weekend!

Travel Tuesdays 2: Sibiu and Sighisoara 

It’s already Tuesday! Time for my second Travel Tuesdays post. It seems only right that this one should be about my recent trip to Sighisoara and Sibiu. Both are beautiful medieval towns, situated in the Transylvania region.

Sighisoara is a really small town on a hill, it’s surrounded by a wall, which is still intact. (In other towns, the wall has disappeared in places.) The town has plenty of charm, and it really felt like I went back in time when I was there! The snow just added to the town’s appeal.

Sighisoara clock tower

Sibiu is bigger, but still full of beautiful old buildings. Plus, it has a magical Christmas market! Going there really was a special experience for me. (But it was a bit crowded!)

Sibiu Christmas market

Sibiu Christmas market

Travel Tuesdays 1: Romania 

Well, here I am on a train, gently meandering through the Romanian countryside… As I travel, I can’t help but feel excited for my little holiday to Sighisoara and Sibiu, as well as enjoying the time to reminisce about previous trips I’ve been on. With this in mind, I’ve decided to try to do a little series on my blog, entitled Travel Tuesdays (because I like the alliteration) where I will share with you some memories of the lovely places I’ve visited around the world.
So, for my first Travel Tuesdays post, I thought I’d write about my beloved Romania. This is actually my second time living in Bucharest -I guess I had to return to see more of this beautiful country! (I was first here in 2011/2012.) I love visiting the pretty, old medieval towns in the mountains of Transylvania, such as Sinaia, Brasov and Busteni, where you can wander merrily along cobbled streets, find wonderful castles, try skiing in the winter and enjoy beautiful scenery all year-round!

Brasov -October 2016

One special trip I had in 2012 was to the ice hotel in the Fagaras mountains -where everything, even the beds are made of ice! Needless to say, my friends and I didn’t really feel like sleeping on ice, so we slept in the nice, warm cabana next door, where we found many guests from the ice hotel trying desperately to warm up!

Ice bar -Winter 2012

The Black Sea is well worth a visit. So far, I’ve visited the crowded, touristy beaches near to Constanta, for some lovely sunbathing and swimming time! 

Constanta, summer 2012

As well as the tranquil, beautifully scenic Danube Delta.

Danube Delta -Spring 2012

These are all my Romanian travel tales, although a recount of Sibiu and Sighisoara will follow soon…

So, that’s all for my first Travel Tuesdays post -hopefully I’ll actually post it on a Tuesday next time! I look forward to hearing about any travel tales you may have in the comments.