Dense blossom

Here is a Dense array of blossom in a nearby park. I love blossom! ūüėä

In response to the word press weekly challenge.

Usually I would use the word dense to mean something else. For example, “Oops, I just got to the checkout in the supermarket and realised I forgot my purse! I’m so dense!” Haha.

Teaching Tales 2: It’s -not quite so- easy being green!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to grow bean plants with my class. Well, of course my teaching assistant’s plant has grown more than anyone else’s! It looks like being green is easy for her, although it’s been a bit more difficult for the kids and me! We wonder if she used magic beans?

For the weekly post challenge It’s easy being green.

Travel Tuesdays 15: Transported into Spring 

This week’s Travel Tuesdays post is unusual in several respects… I’m writing it a day late and it’s not about my travels, but after a really rainy week last week, this week it feels almost as if I’ve been transported into a magical wonderland, filled with warm sunshine and spring blossoms!

Buds appearing on a magnolia tree next to my school

Blossoms on a tree in the park

Martisor, 1st March, the first day of Spring!

Today is Martisor in Romania, which is the first day of spring here. We had lovely spring weather today (sunny and warm) and I really hope this weather stays like this now… All the snow has melted and I hope it won’t come back again until next winter! 

On 1st March, it is traditional to give little trinkets, bracelets, brooches and so on to your female friends (men don’t get any, sorry men!) Here is a photo of me, enjoying all of my little Martisor gifts! People don’t usually wear all of their gifts like this, but I thought it was more fun to wear them all at once. ūüėä