Tea Tales 5: Oh dear!

It’s been a while since I did a blog post…

I was thinking about what to write, and decided to post this photo of my tea collection. I did have 15 or 16 boxes at one point, but then decided that I’d better finish some before buying more.

Now I’m left with what I consider to be a critically low supply of tea! Well, my main concern is a lack of black tea, but I looked in my nearest supermarket on the way home from work today for more black tea and I only saw other fruity flavours! What a disaster! I shall have to go to another one tomorrow. (Luckily I have 3 supermarkets very near to my house, so I have a few more to try before having to get a bus to a large supermarket further afield!) 

Tea Tales 4: Popcorn Tea

Yes, you read the title of this blog post correctly… this is a post about a wonderful tea flavour that I found in a shop today called Popcorn tea. It is made by Twinings, which happens to be one of my favourite tea brands, so of course I had to try it!

Popcorn tea is a blend of Japanese green tea, toasted rice and popped rice. It has a lovely flavour, although it doesn’t really taste like popcorn… I don’t drink much green tea, but I am very much a fan of this variety! Thank you Twinings for fuelling my tea obsession!

Tea Tales 3: The proper way to enjoy tea

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy black tea is with milk! This English breakfast tea from Marks and Spencer’s is delicious when served in this way. Not many countries like to put milk with tea, but I’m from England where everyone does such things. ūüėä

Note: You could also add sugar if you like. And I wouldn’t recommend adding milk to green tea or fruit tea! 

Tea Tales 2: Lemon, ginger and black tea concoction 

I always carry a flask of tea with me to work… and I usually use some kind of flavoured black tea, as I find plain black tea too boring without milk. (I think milk would make my flask too stinky, so I just save tea with milk drinking for home.)

Today I made my own tea concoction: I threw a bag of plain black tea and a bag of lemon and ginger tea into my flask. I find it makes a lovely mix. Warm, firery ginger, sweetness from the lemon and the nice little caffeine kick from the black tea -perfect to sip and enjoy during a busy day! 

Tea Tales 1

So, as you may have noticed in a previous post, I quite like tea! I felt inspired by Chloe’s blog dedicated entirely to tea, so I decided to do some tea-related posts of my own,  entitled Tea Tales. As you can see, this tea flavour just happens to be called just that!

I was given this tea by a colleague. It’s strong black tea, with a hint of chocolate flavour. (I don’t know if it’s supposed to have a chocolatey flavour, but that is what I taste.) This tea lives at school, and I often make a cup in the afternoon for a moment of tranquility (tea-drinking helps me to relax.) 

I like this tea flavour a lot!