Remembering an old teacher

I recently learned that one of my former teachers (from when I was at university) had passed away, after battling with cancer. Even though I hadn’t seen her, or indeed heard anything about her for around ten years, I was still saddened by the news. Mostly, I found her strict and a little scary (she did teach German interpreting – which was by far the hardest course I had to take at uni!) although, she often treated us to her softer, more humorous side. I will always remember the important values that she taught me, to aim high and try my best, even though the endless lists of technical German vocabulary that she made us memorise are no longer relevant to my life… And yes, her passing away has made me think a bit about teachers in general -how we look up to our teachers and appreciate them, although, often we don’t realise it at the time! Of course, there are teachers that we don’t particularly bond or connect with -everyone has different teaching and learning styles, so we can’t all be suited to each other all the time. And, as a teacher, it’s easy to not feel valued or appreciated! But, in general, I hope that my previous students will one day remember me as fondly as I remember Eva.

(Just for fun, the photo I chose for this post is one that a child drew of me.)