Cars, trucks, motorbikes and…

I had great fun with this black and white photo challenge! I stood on the street in the town where I live in China and enjoyed snapping away at all of these vehicles. 

busy street

street vendors, selling snacks from their cars

watermelon truck

mum, dad and child on an electric-powered bike

sweet potato cart

old street cleaner with his bicycle

driving home after school

3 thoughts on “Cars, trucks, motorbikes and…

  1. A wonderful collection of cars, trucks & motorcycles. I really am fascinated with the motorcycle-trucks. Here in Australia motorcycle registration is very expensive. I think if they reduced the price of registration more people would probably ride motorcycles & reduce fuel usage & road clutter. The Government people that make the rules have the thinking that motorcycles are dangerous & high priced registration is designed, I think, to deter people from owning them. It costs me more to register my bike than it does for my car.


    • Cars are very expensive here in China (the government taxes them highly, in an effort to deter people from buying them and clogging up the roads). So most families will buy motorbikes or electric scooters instead!


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